S2 #1 'Fund the future you want', with Dan Sherrard-Smith

We're delighted to be back with Series Two of The EcoSend Podcast! 🎊

To kick off Series Two we invited Dan Sherrard Smith, founder at MotherTree to teach us about the climate-importance of where you choose to invest your money.

In this episode Dan & James chat about:

- What motivated Dan to tackle the climate challenge?
- How your choice of Bank can double your annual carbon footprint!
- The importance of 'voting with your feet', by consciously choosing where to invest your money.
- The challenges of running a business with a climate-conscious focus.

About Dan Sherrard-Smith:
Dan was on the founding team and previously built product at Look After My Bills, a Y Combinator backed business that helped consumers automatically switch energy providers. Now, Dan is the founder & CEO of Mother Tree, which calculates your money's carbon footprint and helps you switch to a greener solution, for free!

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S2 #1 'Fund the future you want', with Dan Sherrard-Smith
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