S2 #4 'Dispatches from the world of a Climate Tech VC', with Hampus Jakobsson

Join us for a fascinating episode as we dive into the world of climate-tech investing with this week's guest, Hampus Jakobsson.

Hampus gave James a whirlwind episode, covering a wide-range of topics from climate-investing to finding purpose in your career! Check out this episode to discover:

- Solving climate problems; the green camp, the red camp, the blue camp. Which one are you?
- Why is climate challenge the greatest threat presented to Humanity yet?
- How Venture Capital can manage the risk which Banks can't.
- What VC's look for in businesses, and what they avoid at all costs.
- Should you be looking for breadth or depth in your career?

You really don't want to miss this episode, give it a listen today!

About Hampus Jakobsson:
Hampus is a General Partner at Pale blue dot, a seed stage climate tech VC investing in reducing & reversing the effects of climate change & preparing for a new world.

Further Resources:
Hampus on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bodzon/
Hampus on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hajak
Pale blue dot website: https://paleblue.vc/
Pale blue Company LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/palebluedotvcclimate/

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S2 #4 'Dispatches from the world of a Climate Tech VC', with Hampus Jakobsson
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