S2 #9 'Returning to the true essence of Marketing', with Kate Clarke

How has Marketing lost its way, and what can we do to make it a force for good again?

As a veteran Marketer with over 15 years experience, there are few people better positioned than Kate Clarke to help us answer those questions.

Since the birth of her twins in 2016, Kate has been on a journey; moving away from her roles as Marketing and Content Marketing Manager in large Corporations, to founding her own business; focused on helping Coaches and Consultants turn fans into paying clients.

In this episode Kate sheds light on her journey and the lessons learned on the way:
- How the birth of her children created a turning point in her career and outlook on life.
- Her evolution from Corporate Marketing to working with purpose-driven businesses.
- How can we return to the true essence of Marketing; cultivating relationships?
- The importance of finding like-minded Community, as a purpose-driven entrepreneur.
- Why we will need community and connection even more in the future, as our world turns increasingly influenced by technology and AI.
... and much more!

If you are a purpose-driven Entrepreneur or Marketer, you'll love this episode and the insights Kate gives along the way!

About Kate Clarke
Kate Clarke is an independent ethical marketing and content strategist that works with purpose-driven coaching businesses to get crystal clear on who their audience is and how to reach them in the most natural and simple way. Kate is a born problem solver and lives to help her clients get past the blockers that are stopping them from achieving their marketing goals so they can have greater success in creating conversation and connections.
Since starting her own business Kate has been on a journey of pushing herself through her comfort zones to be more visible and create a consistent message that allows her to attract the right clients. 
Kate is passionate about not overcomplicating things, human connection, community and doing the right thing.

Further Resources:
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Kate Clarke
Kate Clarke
Kate Clarke is an independent ethical marketing and content strategist, working with purpose-driven coaching businesses.
S2 #9 'Returning to the true essence of Marketing', with Kate Clarke
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