S3 #2 'Sustainable and Humane Website Design', with Wholegrain Digital

We've got a fantastic show for you for Episode Two today, with two guests from the company who quite literally wrote the book on Sustainable Web Design; Tom & Marketa from Wholegrain Digital!

With 15 years of experience, Wholegrain Digital are trailblazers in the Digital Sustainability space, as well as early adopters of the highly-coveted BCorp Certification.

We're delighted to bring you this episode today, with stories and lessons learned from the frontlines trailblazing a path for Digital Sustainability!

Tom & Marketa shared a ton of insights including:
- How to run a successful digital business, while keeping sustainability and the environment at the forefront of their mission
- The importance of BCorp certification for measuring the performance of their sustainability initiatives. 
- The power of data; using Wholegrain's 'Website Carbon Tool' to calculate your site's digital footprint.
- How a passion for Sustainability led Tom and Marketa to incorporating other initiatives, such as Accessibility, Inclusivity, and Data Privacy.
- What does the future hold? Will AI help or hinder efforts to make the online experience more humane?
- How to talk about climate change so that people want to listen!
- and much more..!

If you're looking for advice on how to run a business responsibly and successfully, then look no further. Wholegrain Digital are a company who have walked the walk for years when it comes to blending commercial success with sustainability. Enjoy!

About Tom Greenwood:
Tom Greenwood is the co-founder of Wholegrain Digital, a Certified B Corp and 'green' trailblazer in the digital agency world. Tom is known for writing and speaking about how business, design, and web technology can be part of the solution to environmental issues and is author of the book, Sustainable Web Design.

About Marketa Benisek:
Marketa works as Digital Sustainability Lead at Wholegrain Digital, a London-based web design agency specialising in building low-carbon, accessible and usable websites. In her role, Marketa is helping clients understand how to make their digital products more sustainable. With a background in Marketing and Sustainable Development, she has a deep interest in storytelling for positive impact and is passionate about climate activism, having trained with Al Gore to become a Climate Reality Leader.

Further Resources from the episode:
Tom on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomgreenwood/
Marta on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marketabenisek/
Wholegrain's Website: https://www.wholegraindigital.com/

Creators and Guests

Marketa Benisek
Marketa Benisek
Marketa is Digital Sustainability Lead at Wholegrain Digital and a Climate Reality Leader.
Tom Greenwood
Tom Greenwood
Tom is the co-founder of Wholegrain Digital, a Certified B Corp and 'green' trailblazer in the digital agency world.
S3 #2 'Sustainable and Humane Website Design', with Wholegrain Digital
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