S3 #6 'Fighting for Digital Sustainability since 1998', with Tim Frick from Mightybytes

We are delighted to offer you another episode with a real veteran of Digital Sustainability - Tim Frick from Mightybytes!

Tim has been campaigning for Sustainability and Accessibility in web design since way back in 1998, and holds the honour of being the 435th official BCorp in the world!

If you want to learn about how the BCorp certification can change your business for good, both for planet and for commercial success, then there are few people better than Tim to listen to!

Tim gave us 35 minutes of pure gold; this is an episode crammed full of insights and lessons Tim has acquired over his many years fighting for a more Sustainable and Accessible digital environment.

Our topics for this episode include:
- Toiling through the early days of the Internet in the 90s, the dot-com bubble of the 2000s, the Financial Collapse of 2008, and Covid.
- How BCorp certification has made Mightybytes a more resilient and commercially successful business
- Tim's project to create standardised guidelines for Accessible and Sustainable web development via the W3C community
- How Mightybytes jumped 68 BCorp points in one-go!
- The problems with using third party plugins for your website
... and much more!

Looking for some inspiration along your journey to be a better business? Then sit back and enjoy this episode from one of Digital Sustainability's earliest trailblazers!

About Tim Frick:
Tim Frick is the founder and President of Mightybytes, a digital agency and Certified B Corp located in Chicago. He is also a speaker, community organizer, and the author of four books, including, Designing for Sustainability: A Guide to Building Greener Digital Products and Services, from O’Reilly Media.

Further Resources from the episode:
Tim on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/timfrick/
Mightybytes: https://www.mightybytes.com
Tim on X: @timfrick
EcoGrader: https://ecograder.com/

Music credit: bensound.com

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S3 #6 'Fighting for Digital Sustainability since 1998', with Tim Frick from Mightybytes
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