S4E4 'Creating Circular Economy in the Events Industry', with Carina Jandt 🚲

We're very privileged on The EcoSend Podcast to be inspired by so many change-makers leading innovation and solving problems.

And Carina Jandt is high up on that list!

Carina is a fantastic example of a change-maker who saw a problem in her industry, a problem which her industry chose to ignore, and took it upon herself to do something about it! 

A veteran of the Events Industry, Carina saw first-hand the depressing amount of wastage left over at the end of each Event. Furniture, hardware, the list goes on...

At the same time, while volunteering in the third sector, she saw the intense need for products, particularly digital.

Putting two and two together, Carina stepped up to solve the problem by co-founding Event Cycle!

Event Cycle is dedicated to helping event professionals implement practical solutions to sustainability challenges, and redistributing leftover items across the Third Sector.

In her chat with James, we learned all about:

💡How a leftover set of IKEA furniture sparked the idea for Event Cycle.
🤝The importance for business to learn to work within communities, not seeing themselves as islands.
📄How ESG needs to change in the immediate future.
🔮Her predictions for upcoming trends and changes in the Events industry.
🏁Why we need to focus on incremental change and starting NOW!
... and much more! ✨

Carina is a great example of a 'get sh*t done' mentality, and how to align your work with your purpose through a bit of creative thinking!

We loved meeting Carina, and we hope you enjoy the episode too.

About Carina Jandt:
Carina is a seasoned technical production manager with a decade of experience at high-profile event agencies recognized a growing sustainability trend among clients and desire to reduce waste.
While volunteering, she quickly noticed the increasing demand for donations with charities and felt that there was a need to combine the two. Her venture Event Cycle does just that - helping event businesses implement practical and sustainable solutions with a lasting social legacy. Carina aspires to guide the industry towards a circular economy while aiding the vulnerable, fostering a lasting legacy.

Further Resources from the episode:
Event Cycle on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/eventcycle
Event Cycle on X: https://twitter.com/eventcycleuk
Event Cycle's website: https://www.eventcycle.org/ 

Music credit: bensound.com

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Carina Jandt
Carina Jandt
Co-founder and Managing Director of Event Cycle, helping event professionals implement practical solutions to sustainability challenges while creating a positive social impact and a lasting social legacy.
S4E4 'Creating Circular Economy in the Events Industry', with Carina Jandt 🚲
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