S5E1 'The Carbon Footprint of Marketing', with Richard Boon 👣

We're delighted to be back with Season FIVE of the EcoSend Podcast! 🎉

To kick-off the new series, we welcome Richard Boon from Webmart - a true veteran of the budding-field of Digital Sustainability.

From a serendipitous 'Dragon's Den' pitch at the age of eighteen, to an apprenticeship, to his current position as Board Advisor, Richard has been in the thick of climate-conscious Marketing and Agency for over 18 years!

Many sectors, particularly Logistics and Operations, have been stepping up their efforts in tackling their carbon footprint. But why, Richard asks, is Marketing still lagging so far behind in addressing its own footprint?

Join us for Richard's fascinating session with James, where they talked about:

🗺️ Webmart's journey to BCorp status
🧮 How to accurately calculate your digital carbon footprint
🙅‍♂️ The common misconceptions about the climate impact of digital activity
📣 The importance of agencies being public about their carbon footprint, to help spread awareness
🌳 Purchasing 164 acres of Scottish forest for re-wilding
🙏 Richard's optimism for the future
... and much more! ✨

This was an incredibly uplifting episode to kick-off our new season. It gives us real hope for the future to know there are people like Richard out there leading the way for a more Sustainable Digital Marketing industry!

And we hope to visit Webmart's 'Oxygen Farm' someday soon! 💚

About Richard Boon:
Richard is a Board Advisor at Webmart, a sustainable marketing agency. Webmart is a responsible business and certified B Corp. Richard leads a team of 40 strong team in marketing execution, strategy and technology. Webmart partners with clients in e-commerce, retail and charity, handling £20million of spend across Print, Digital, Creative and Data services.

Further Resources from the episode:
Webmart Website: https://www.webmartuk.com/
Richard on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richardboon/
Webmart's Oxygen Farm: https://www.webmartuk.com/webmarts-oxygen-farm/

Music credit: bensound.com

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Richard Boon
Richard Boon
Richard is a Board Advisor at Webmart, a sustainable marketing agency.
S5E1 'The Carbon Footprint of Marketing', with Richard Boon 👣
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