S5E5 'Raising the Floor, and Smashing the Ceiling', with Tam Hussey πŸ‘Š

We're halfway through Season 5 already, and we're delighted to be back with another Sustainability Veteran!

This guest has 20 years' experience in Digital Strategy, including roles guiding global mobile strategy at Unilever,  and as Head of Strategy at Infosys. 

She has then moved from the corporate world to Entrepreneurship, founding 'Halo by Design', a strategic consultancy enabling sustainability strategies through activating people. 

Welcome to the show, Tam Hussey! πŸ‘

Tam is such an expert in the field of Digital Sustainability, we felt really privileged to have her join us and dive into her insights on:

πŸ§ͺ The importance of targeting users' 'First Behaviour Change'.
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§ How Tam's "Eco-warrior" upbringing influenced her career-path.
🏒 Changes when moving from the corporate world to starting her own business.
🌱 Integrating Sustainability into organisations' core processes. 
πŸ“± Building a future where Digital is part of the solution, not the problem.
... and much more! ✨

We loved Tam's summary quote; "It's not because people don't want to make Sustainable choices, it's that they don't know where to start". 

That quote really hits the nail on the head with where we're at as a culture, in relation to awareness of Digital Sustainability. But luckily we have such dedicated people as Tam, working hard to change that for the better. πŸ’š

About Tam Hussey:
Tam has worked in digital strategy roles for over 20 years at start ups and large global organisations (WPP & Infosys) working with large global company’s such as Unilever, adidas and Mazda. She led the global mobile strategy at Unilever which is where she β€˜cut’ her sustainability teeth working on behaviour change campaigns for Lifebuoy, Signal and Peril. Then went on to set up the digital experience sustainability practise at Infosys. She set up Halo by Design 8 months ago with the goal of leveraging digital to help clients meet their sustainability targets through activating people. 

Further Resources from the episode:
Halo by Design: https://www.halobydesign.com
Tam on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tam-hussey-a970302/

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Tam Hussey
Tam Hussey
Founder of Halo by Design, a strategic consultancy enabling sustainability strategies through activating people.
S5E5 'Raising the Floor, and Smashing the Ceiling', with Tam Hussey πŸ‘Š
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