The Trailer: Introducing the EcoSend Podcast

Find out what's in store for the first season of the EcoSend Podcast!

Introducing EcoSend Podcast, a weekly podcast on becoming a climate conscious business

Who are we interviewing?

- Founders
- Marketers
- Leaders who are championing the climate

Why would you listen?

- You run a business or are responsible for growing one, and you want to have a positive impact on the environment in whatever way you can.

- How can my business be more climate conscious?
- What if I say the wrong things?
- How do I balance making money and doing more good?
- How do you even know your impact?

- Every episode you will learn something and be inspired to take some action.

Who is the host?

- James Gill, CEO and co-founder of GoSquared, the makers of EcoSend.

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Series 1 will be dropping next week.

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The Trailer: Introducing the EcoSend Podcast
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