S3 #7 'Eliminating single-use delivery boxes from the planet', with Loïc Vandermeeren

Some days it can be hard to keep up motivation. That's why we're so grateful to welcome guests like Loïc onto the Podcast, who blend such a powerful mix of enthusiasm and pragmatism.

Each episode always leavse us fired-up, and ready to take on our challenges once again. Loïc was no exception - he really brought the heat!

Loïc Vandermeeren is a Chemist-turned-Entrepreneur, who has made it his mission to eliminate the environmental burden of single-use delivery boxes.

This episode was part lesson from the trenches of running a Business For Good, part no-frills motivation for turning ideas into outcomes.

Our topics for this episode include:
- How Loïc integrates his scientific background into the startup world.
- How a trip to Recycling Depot and a mountain of delivery boxes launched a business idea
- The importance of education in informing customer buying-decisions and creating positive change for the future
- Why you should be speaking to your customers more than you think
- How vital it is to combine Sustainability with business-sense
.... and much more! 

Looking for some inspiration along your journey to be a better business? Then sit back and enjoy this episode for Loïc, and his contagious enthusiasm driving him forward as an Entrepreneur, looking to make the world a better place.

About Loïc Vandermeeren:
Loïc is originally from Belgium but moved 5 years ago to Switzerland for work. A Chemist by background, Loïc worked 16 years in the Pharma industry before founding KWiiD. 

Further Resources from the episode:
Loïc on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/loic-jean-vandermeeren/
KWiiD website: https://www.kwiid.com/

Music credit: bensound.com

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Loïc Jean Vandermeeren
Loïc Jean Vandermeeren
Founder of KWiiD, a Swiss startup aiming to eliminate single use carton box from the planet.
S3 #7 'Eliminating single-use delivery boxes from the planet', with Loïc Vandermeeren
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