S4E11 'Wrapping-up Season Four', with James & Chris 🎁4️⃣

We're delighted you've joined us for the fourth season of our Podcast! We hope you enjoyed the wisdom, insights, and stories from our wonderful guests as much as we did!

4️⃣ For Season Four of The EcoSend Podcast we welcomed:
  • S4E10 with Ryan Laird from Green Orbit Digital
  • S4E9 with Maddy Cooper from Flourish Agency
  • S4E8 with Julien Massiot from Wild & Slow
  • S4E7 with Anne-Cécile Crabières from Jobs That Make Sense
  • S4E6 with Godefroy Harito from Treeapp
  • S4E5 with Caroline Stephenson from The Meadow Barns
  • S4E4 with Carina Jandt from Event Cycle
  • S4E3 with Magali Seyvet from All Heroes
  • S4E2 with Michael Andersen from SustainableWWW
  • S4E1 with Dirk Eschenbacher from Karma Beach Club
In this episode, James recaps the key lessons learned from our latest group of guests, as well as lessons from another six months leading the helm at EcoSend.

Topics we discussed:
⛔ How Sustainability trailblazers are setting example by refusing to work with 'black-listed' companies.
📚 The importance of regulation in directing a cultural and business shift towards Sustainability.
👣 Our journey at EcoSend to applying for BCorp certification.
🤔 How can we make 2024 a success?
👤 James's favourite guest of the season.
... and much more! ✨

We'll look forward to seeing you for Season Five - coming soon 💚

About James Gill:
James is CEO and co-founder at GoSquared, an award-winning software to understand and engage with your customers. GoSquared recently launched their latest product, EcoSend; a climate-conscious email marketing platform. EcoSend powers beautiful, effective email campaigns, without a cost to the planet.

About Chris
Chris is the Customer Success Lead at EcoSend; passionate about helping climate-conscious businesses reduce their carbon footprint, and send best-in-class email campaigns. 

Creators and Guests

Chris W
Chris W
Customer Success Lead at GoSquared/EcoSend
S4E11 'Wrapping-up Season Four', with James & Chris 🎁4️⃣
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