Chris W

Chris W

Customer Success Lead at GoSquared/EcoSend

Appears in 5 Episodes

S4E11 'Wrapping-up Season Four', with James & Chris 🎁4️⃣

We're delighted you've joined us for the fourth season of our Podcast! We hope you enjoyed the wisdom, insights, and stories from our wonderful guests as much as we di...

Wrapping up Season Three, with James & Chris

We can't believe we've reached the end of Season Three of The EcoSend Podcast already, but we're delighted you've joined us for this past season, and we're incredibly ...

Wrapping up Season Two, with James & Chris

Phew... Season Two has whipped past! It seems we've barely had a chance to catch breath since we wrapped up Season One of the EcoSend podcast, and we're amazed how muc...

#9: Wrapping up Series One, with James Gill

In the final episode of Series 1 of the EcoSend podcast we turn the tables and put James Gill in the hot-seat! Alongside Chris, Customer Success Lead at GoSquared,...

#1 CSR done right with Chris, CS Lead at GoSquared

Our CEO, James chats to our CS Lead, Chris about all things Corporate Social Responsibility (aka...CSR!)

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