Wrapping up Season Two, with James & Chris

Phew... Season Two has whipped past! It seems we've barely had a chance to catch breath since we wrapped up Season One of the EcoSend podcast, and we're amazed how much has changed in the world in just six months!

It's always important to take time to stop and reflect. Especially with the world moving at a seemingly ever-increasing pace. So in this episode, James & Chris took the time to sit down and reflect on the past series of our podcast.

What has James learned from our latest batch of guests? How much has changed in the worlds of Tech and Sustainability? What is James hopeful for in the future?

Tune in for the final episode of the season as James gives a summary of the key lessons and takeaways from Series Two. James also gives insight into another six months of leading EcoSend in the Tech & Sustainability space. How is James endeavouring to navigate between the twin pitfalls of Greenwashing and Greenhushing, and work to raise awareness of the carbon cost of Email Marketing?

Find out more from our final episode of season two, and we look forward to catching you for season three... coming soon! 

About James Gill:
James is CEO and co-founder at GoSquared, an award-winning software to understand and engage with your customers. GoSquared recently launched their latest product, EcoSend; a climate-conscious email marketing platform. EcoSend powers beautiful, effective email campaigns, without a cost to the planet.

About Chris
Chris is the Customer Success Lead at EcoSend; passionate about helping climate-conscious businesses reduce their carbon footprint, and send best-in-class email campaigns. 

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Chris W
Chris W
Customer Success Lead at GoSquared/EcoSend
Wrapping up Season Two, with James & Chris
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