Wrapping up Season Three, with James & Chris

We can't believe we've reached the end of Season Three of The EcoSend Podcast already, but we're delighted you've joined us for this past season, and we're incredibly grateful for all the wonderful guests we've recently invited on the show.

As a recap, this past season we welcomed to the podcast:
  • François Burra from Product for NetZero 
  • Rebecca Heaps from Tentshare 
  • Russ Avery from Avery & Brown
  • Tim Frick from MightyBytes
  • Richard Dickson from PlayItGreen
  • Tom Hardy from Manifesto Studios
  • Anje & Robert from Dazzle
  • Tom & Marketa from Wholegrain Digital
  • Raoul Böstrum from Tyve
In this episode, James recaps the key lessons learned from our latest group of guests, as well as lessons from another six months leading the helm at EcoSend.

We also discussed:
🏆 What needs to be done to make purpose-driven work the norm, not the outlier?
🤔The importance of actively taking time to think on your purpose.
🏦 How business-for-good leads to competitive advantage?
👣 What needs to be done to drive awareness of the carbon footprint of digital emissions?
... and much more! ✨

Find out more from our final episode of season three, and we look forward to catching you for season four... coming soon! 🌳

About James Gill:
James is CEO and co-founder at GoSquared, an award-winning software to understand and engage with your customers. GoSquared recently launched their latest product, EcoSend; a climate-conscious email marketing platform. EcoSend powers beautiful, effective email campaigns, without a cost to the planet.

About Chris
Chris is the Customer Success Lead at EcoSend; passionate about helping climate-conscious businesses reduce their carbon footprint, and send best-in-class email campaigns. 

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Chris W
Chris W
Customer Success Lead at GoSquared/EcoSend
Wrapping up Season Three, with James & Chris
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