S5E2 'From Purpose to Profit', with Erin Andrea Craske 🀩

We're back with Episode Two!

We often talk about the importance of Climate Sustainability, but what about the importance of Business Sustainability?

As our latest guest tells us, the longevity of a purpose-driven business must be as much of a focus as its Sustainability efforts. At the end of the day, the world's best Sustainability strategy is no good if the business itself goes under!

With 20 years experience in Strategy, and 16 years in Leadership, Erin Andrea Craske brings a wealth of knowledge to help businesses move from purpose to profit.

With her tried-and-tested strategies, Erin helps purpose-driven businesses to succeed, keep employees engaged, and secure long-term prosperity.

Erin sat down with James to share her many insights, including:

🀝 How to combine purpose & profit.
πŸ€€ The influence of Eastern Philosophy in her work.
🎯 How to move from addressing symptoms to root-causes.
πŸ˜“ Tips for avoiding employee disengagement and burnout.
🌐 Seeing your business as a holistic organism.
πŸ‘Ά Erin's hope for the next generation.
... and much more! ✨

This episode was both inspiring and jam-packed with practical tips. A must-see for anyone running or considering setting up a purpose-driven business. Erin really is an expert in guiding you on the path to long-term, sustainable success.

And be sure to check out Erin's Linktree in the Resources section, for a discount on her award-winning book 'From Purpose to Profit'! πŸ’š

About Erin Andrea Craske:
Erin Andrea Craske is an award-winning strategist with a 20-year career, culminating as Global Head of Consumer Brands. With expertise in strategic development, profitability, leadership, and communication, she's an ICF-certified business and leadership success coach. Leveraging 16 years of leadership, she empowers positive impact- and contribution-driven businesses to succeed on their terms and build a profitable business while amplifying a ripple effect of goodness.

Further Resources from the episode:
Erin's Linktree: https://linktr.ee/eacraske
Erin on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/erinandreacraske/

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Erin Andrea Craske
Erin Andrea Craske
Business and Leadership Success Coach | Educator | Business Advisor | Author β€˜From Purpose To Profit’
S5E2 'From Purpose to Profit', with Erin Andrea Craske 🀩
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